Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.46.53 PMWith over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, Kim Sternad, specializes in correcting skin problems and creating healthy, vibrant skin. She is also highly sought after for her artful skills in permanent makeup.

Kim Sternad is a licensed medical aesthetician and a certified permanent makeup specialist. She has received advanced continuing education to hone her skills.

She works closely with our plastic surgeons to provide the best and safest treatments for patients. Kim is committed to helping you achieve your desired result in both improving your skin and defining your best features.

Your Consultation

Your permanent makeup appointment includes consultation, a review of medical history, determining the best design, color selection, numbing, the permanent makeup procedure, photos, aftercare instructions, and answering all questions. A follow-up appointment is included after your initial permanent makeup application.

Permanent Makeup can look very natural and define your features. It is the perfect solution to look your best all the time. Your makeup will always look fresh and when you look good, you feel good. Your friends will not know what is different unless you tell them. Simplify your life with the advantages of permanent makeup.

Our permanent makeup specialist, Kim Sternad has years of experience in color theory and application. With this expertise, she will guide you and together choose the perfect color and most attractive style and shape, based on your facial features, skin tone and personal preference.

Before and during the process, Kim implements a new two-step topical anesthetic numbing technique to assure your experience is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. She is compassionate and has a caring gentle touch.

“The most frequent comment I hear from my patients is how much they love their permanent makeup and only wish they had done it sooner.”

Permanent Makeup Services We Offer:

Permanent Makeup is a desired cosmetic effect also called permanent cosmetics or micro-pigmentation. The most popular permanent makeup procedures are eyeliner, lash enhancement, Hairstroke & powder eyebrows, and lip color. Annapolis Plastic Surgery also offers, scar camouflage, and areola repigmentation. Permanent makeup can be very subtle or dramatic depending on the look you desire.

    • Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement – A fine, soft natural line can be created to add depth and definition to your eyes. Your lashes will appear to be thicker. Color and thickness can be individualized.eyeliner
    • Hairstroke & Powder Brows – Eyebrows frame your eyes and face. When designed properly, eyebrows can lift the eyes giving a more youthful appearance, make the cheekbones appear more prominent, and influence how the nose is perceived. Women whose eyebrows are sparse, light in color, or even non-existent, can now enjoy the luxury of permanent makeup Hairstroke & Powder Brows.
    • Lip Color – Lip color is perfect for reshaping uneven lips and making lips appear larger and fuller. As we age, lips can thin and lose their shape. This can be corrected with permanent makeup lip color which can restore a more youthful look. Your lips can have color that lasts all day, every day.
    • Balanced Brows- You may have heard the saying…Eyebrows are sisters, not twins. This is very true. Most people have a higher eyebrow arch than the other, sometimes the beginning of the eyebrow (the trunk) is higher than the other. As we age the eyebrows usually become sparse. Some people may lose the hair at each end (the trunk and tail) of the eyebrows. The most aesthetically pleasing eyebrows are those that are as balanced and symmetrical as possible. One eyebrow will never be exactly like the other because each side of our face is different including the boney structure of the face. When selecting the permanent makeup artist technician to do your eyebrows, there are a few things to be aware of. Some permanent makeup technicians simply follow the eyebrow shape you currently have. If you have beautifully shaped brows, that can work well. However, most people do not have balanced eyebrows. Ask the permanent makeup technician if they are going to create as much symmetry as possible or are they simply following the eyebrow shape you currently have. Ask to see pictures of their work.Creating uplifting and as balanced brows as possible is the most desired.brow


Patient Testimonials

Nancy V

I love my permanent make-up done by Kim, (lips, eyeliner, eyebrows) which makes all the difference in the world in my appearance and how I feel about myself. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Joan C

Having permanent makeup eyebrows was a very pleasant experience. I am extremely happy with the finished product and have had many compliments. Kim is very conscientious about her work and will only do what is best for you.

Kay K

My name is Kay. I wanted permanent makeup but at first, I was very apprehensive. I decided to make an appointment to see just what it was all about.  I called Kim Sternad and she asked me what treatment I was interested in and answered my questions.  I made the appointment.

When I arrived for my appointment Kim met me and immediately made me feel oh so comfortable.  She spent time explaining everything to me, answering all my questions and even answering questions that I was not aware of.  She then helped me with the shape and the color of my new brows. Without her help, I would never have ended up so happy with the beautiful results.

When the final decisions were made she was ready to start the treatment.
I had expected it to hurt.  Well, with the cream that she used I had absolutely no pain.  When we were done, she took pictures and then gave me a list of aftercare that I needed to follow for the next week.  She was extremely thorough with everything.  
Kim was professional the entire time.  She is very thorough and she just really knows her business.  In addition, she has a great sense of humor and makes her clients feel very comfortable at all times.  
I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in permanent makeup.  
I thank her.

 Arlene K

After endless years of buying and applying lipstick not to mention having to carry one every place I went, I finally looked into having permanent cosmetics applied.  I was so tired of having to put on lipstick after each meal when dining out, and seeing it on the edges of glasses when I drank.  So, I learned about Kim Sternad and found she was doing great work with a trail of happy clients behind her, so I jumped right in.  With patient and careful application, Kim had created new lips for me.  A pretty color was applied and she increased the upper lip bow just enough so it looks like it did when I was much younger.  The lower lip is slightly fuller to look a little sexy, pouty.

Now I wake up in the morning and say, “Wow! I have color on my lips.”

I can go out for the evening without the ‘little’ bag to carry lipstick.
I have about 20 tubes of lipstick, so it would appear that this work pays for itself in time, to say nothing of not eating all that chemical lipstick over the years.

I am recommending Kim to all my friends.


Q: What Is Permanent Makeup?

A: Permanent Makeup is a desired cosmetic effect also called permanent cosmetics, or micro-pigmentation.  Small amounts of natural pigments are placed into the dermal layer of the skin producing permanent designs such as eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip color.  The pigment is made of earth’s finest ingredients of organic and inorganic compounds formulated to be sterile and hypo-allergenic.

Q: Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup?

A: Women and Men who want to look their best all the time.
Permanent Makeup is perfect for individuals who have:

  • busy careers and don’t want to spend too much time each day applying makeup
  • light, sparse, partial or unbalanced eyebrows
  • sensitive eyes or sparse lashes
  • alopecia
  • allergies to conventional makeup
  • difficulty applying makeup
  • vision problems
  • physically active lives
  • oily skin that sheds makeup easily
  • poorly defined, unbalanced or descending lips
  • entertainers, actresses, and models

Q: Is It Really Permanent?

A: Yes & No… Color does soften/fade over time.  This time frame will vary for each unique individual.  As permanent makeup softens/fades, pigment particles remain in the skin so color is always there.

Q: What Will It Feel Like; Does It Hurt?

A: The areas to be treated are numbed prior to and during each application, using approved topical anesthetics.  A new two-step topical numbing technique is used to assure your experience is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.  You may use Tylenol if necessary.

People describe what they feel in different ways such as “tickly”, “pinchy”, “irritation”, or “sore”. This varies according to each individual’s comfort threshold. I have had some individuals fall asleep in my chair.

Q: Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

A: According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), permanent makeup is safe when proper sterilization and sanitary guidelines are met.  I follow all guidelines and regulations and only use disposable, single use, needle cartridges. I am certified in Micropigmentation including Advanced Training Certificates and have all necessary continuing education credits.

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Before & After Gallery

Eyebrows Before & After


This patient had light eyebrows and there was no hair at the tail area of the brows. She desired a more refined, visible brow to frame her face.


This patient had light eyebrows. She desired a more refined, visible brow to frame her beautiful eyes.

Lips Before & After


This patient’s right upper lip was lower than the other side. I was able to create more balance by lifting the color on that side to more closely resemble the higher left side.


This patient’s right upper lip was lower than the other side. Lifting the color on the right side including the bow, more closely resembles the left side and helps create symmetry.

Defined Eyes Before & After


This patient desired a fine lash enhancement to define her beautiful almond eyes.

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