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Arm Lifts - Brachioplasty


arm lifts Annapolis Baltimore Maryland

When you raise your arms, does it result in an embarrassing moment as your "wings" (loose flesh and fat deposits) drop down and wiggle around for a while? 

  • Have you trained yourself not to gesture emphatically- just to avoid this kind of embarrassment? 
  • Have you stopped wearing tanks tops, camisoles and even short-sleeved blouses?

You may a candidate for brachioplasty, or arm lift.

When Working Out Doesn't Help

Maybe you've tried to solve this mortifying problem - which brings back unpleasant memories of your grandmother on hot summer days -- with weight resistance exercises. Has it worked? 

Probably not. Women tend to ignore their biceps, triceps and other upper arm muscles in their youth. Trying to reawaken them in midlife rarely succeeds.

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Body Contouring


Resetting the "Start" Button on Your Body

qWidening midriffs have long been associated with middle age, but women today often experience a more distressing phenomenon. Some call it a "pouch" - that protrusion below the waistline that happens after a few pregnancies or yo-yo dieting. 

The muscular corset has been stretched so far, and so often, that it's lost its elasticity. The skin has stretched and contracted too, and reached the point where it shows permanent laxity. 

No amount of exercise seems to resolve the problem.

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Body Shaping After Massive Weight Loss

qFor patients suffering from morbid obesity, bariatric surgery (also called gastric bypass surgery) has become a viable alternative. It offers them an end to years of humiliation and suffering, and lets them enjoy the rest of their lives inside healthy, comfortable bodies. 

Once their body weight has stabilized after gastric bypass surgery, however, these patients need multiple body contouring surgeries to help their loose, sagging skin fit onto their new forms. 

Body Contouring
That's where I come in. One of my specialties is body contouring, and I've undergone extensive training to deal with the particular issues involved in contouring the bodies of the previously obese. It is a long process. I see these patients for a few years. The relationships we strike up are among the most satisfying aspects of my work. 

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Breast Implants, Augmentations

breast augmentation, breast implants annapolis baltimore maryland

The Best Breasts

As springtime approaches, I know many of you are starting to think about how you're going to look in skinny tops and bathing suits. If more shapely or youthful breasts will make you feel better about yourself, why not consider breast surgery? It's among the fastest, easiest types of cosmetic surgery done today.

Ideal Candidates Are Patients Who

  • Are doing it for the right reasons (i.e. for themselves)
  • Have full breast development (over 18 years old)
  • Do not have breast disease

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Breast Lifts


Breast Lifts, breast lift surgery - Annapolis, Baltimore Maryland

The lift is for women who suffer with sagging breasts.

They may have a genetic proclivity to downward-pointing nipples and limp breast tissue. Or they may be mothers whose breastfeeding years have robbed them of the shapely, taut breasts they had before childbearing. Naturally they want to recover their real breasts post childbearing.

While a breast lift usually won't interfere with breastfeeding, because pregnancies and nursing will re-stretch breasts it's wise to postpone the procedure until you are finished having children.

A breast lift will raise and reshape sagging breasts and nipples resting below the breast crease. We can also reduce the size of the areola.

Fact: The number of breast lift surgeries done in America increased by 96% between 2000 and 2006.

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Breast Reconstruction / Mastectomy Reconstruction

Dr. Chappell works with breast cancer survivors through breast reconstruction. Almost every woman who loses her breast or breasts to cancer can have them rebuilt through reconstructive surgery. Reconstruction options, including skin expansion followed by the use of implants or flap reconstruction with tissue (skin, fat and muscle) from other parts of the body, are discussed immediately after diagnosis.

Breast Reconstruction / Mastectomy Reconstruction

Dr. Chappell is aware of the devastating effects of breast cancer and would be more than happy to put you in touch with patients who have chosen reconstruction and can provide information on reconstructive options, making the choice, managing expectations and making an informed decision.

Breast Reconstruction / Mastectomy Reconstruction is Covered by Insurance

In 2012 over 91,000 breast reconstruction procedures were performed, a huge increase since the 1990’s. This increase was due in part to the passage of the Women ’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998. The law, supported by the ASPS, mandates insurance coverage for breast reconstruction and the alteration of the opposite breast for symmetry for women who have undergone mastectomy.


Breast Reductions


Large, heavy breasts can cause constant back, neck, and shoulder pain. The primary reason women seek out breast reduction surgery is to reduce aches and enjoy a more active lifestyle. But the surgery also enhances appearance immensely, improving overall body image.

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Eyelid Lifts

Eyelid lifts, eye lift surgery - Annapolis, Baltimore Maryland

The Power of a Glance
You Can Have Alluring Eyes Again

Have your eyes lost the power to fascinate? Get your groove back. With a simple procedure we can take puffy, baggy, tired eyes and restore their youthful allure.

Reports from our patients usually go something like this...
“What a relief! I’d always had beautiful eyes. Getting my beautiful eyes back raised my spirits enormously.”

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Ultimate Rejuvenation
Face lifts, face lift surgery - Annapolis, Baltimore MarylandWhat’s Really Involved When You Get a Facelift

If you’ve arrived at the moment in life when you’re considering a facelift, your primary consideration should be finding a board-certified plastic surgeon with an artistic eye and long experience.

All doctors undergo roughly the same surgical training. But the results they’re able to produce on real-life patients vary widely, and depend entirely on their aesthetic sense and acquired skills.

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


qMany of you have heard early news reports about a novel way of augmenting breasts that involves transferring fat from hips and thighs to the breast area. Sometimes it’s talked about as a more “natural” type of procedure than inserting breast implants.

A few of my patients have asked me what I think of this method, and my answer is that the technology needs improvement

My opinion is based on eight drawbacks:

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Gauged Earlobe Repair Surgery

Gauged Earlobes can be Reversed with Cosmetic Surgery

Earlobe repair surgery is becoming more common as patients are seeking out cosmetic surgeons to reverse gauging, a procedure where the earlobes are deliberately stretched and widened. The surgery is being requested by patients who regret having their lobes stretched.

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Injectables - Botox-Collagen-Fat-Hyaluronic Acid

Injectables - Botox, Collagen,Fat Injections, Hyaluronic acid - Annapolis, Baltimore MarylandBotulinum Toxin Injections (BOTOX ®)

Botulinum toxin injections (BTX), often referred to by the product names BOTOX® Cosmetic or Myobloc®, are biological toxins (botulinum toxin) transformed into a therapeutic agent. Work with BTX began in the late 1960s to treat neurological disorders. Today, BTX is used for the treatment of frown lines, forehead furrows, "crow's feet," lines and wrinkles of the lower face, and even nasal muscles (to decrease nostril flaring). BOTOX® injections have proven to be a very popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure; see current American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) statistics. Aesthetic plastic surgeons have found that the type of lines and wrinkles that respond to BOTOX® injections are those caused by the muscles-specifically those muscles that contract during facial expressions such as frowning or squinting.

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  • Liposuction surgery - Annapolis, Baltimore MarylandDo you dread shopping for bathing suits - especially that moment when you see your derriere in the dressing room mirror?
  • Do you walk down the beach tugging at your bathing suit bottom, self-consciously trying to cover your buttock flab?
  • Do you envy women who can "walk away proudly" in a swimsuit, knowing they look great from all angles?

If any of these describe you, we've got a solution. But before you can take advantage of it, please erase this myth from your mind: "Lack of will power is what keeps most people from losing that last 10 pounds."

There isn't a word of truth in it.

FACT: Many people's bodies reach homeostasis at 10 or 15 pounds above the "fashionable" weight dictated by society. They're genetically programmed that way.

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Skin-Only Tummy Tucks


  • Having to shop for pyramid-shaped tops to hide the loose, sagging skin on your abdomen.
  • Shopping for one-piece swimsuits – when most of your friends are still wearing bikinis.
  • Giving up on low-riding pants and skirts because they reveal a wrinkled midriff.

Wouldn't it be nice not to have to deal with this problem?

The truth is, you don't. There's a procedure we do called a skin-only tummy tuck. It's designed for people – usually younger women in their 30s and 40s – who have toned abdominal muscles but loose skin.

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