Scar Revision Before & After

Patient 1

Z-plasty scar revision to improve appearance of cheek scar.

*Disclaimer: results may vary

Patient 2

Female patient, scar on forehead treated using geometric broken line closure, followed by dermabrasion.

scar removal in Annapolis, MD
*Disclaimer: results may vary

Patient 3

Male patient, scar on neck treated using running zplasty.

scar removal in Severna Park, MD
*Disclaimer: results may vary

Patient 4

Forehead Scar 3 months after 2 ProFractional Laser Scar Treatments

Scar Revision Before After Photos Annapolis
*Disclaimer: results may vary

Patient 5

Cheek scar caused by a dog bite injury dramatically improved with 3 BBL/Profractional laser treatments.

*Disclaimer: results may vary

Patient 6

Male patient underwent fat transfer to improve asymmetry in the left forehead and improve depression of scar on chin.

Scar Removal at Annapolis Plastic Surgery
*Disclaimer: results may vary
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