Scar Revision

10:43 28 July, 2017 Published by

For patients who have experienced some type of trauma to their face, it can be difficult to emotionally and physically recover when the scars of their past are evident. Annapolis facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Bryan Ambro, offers individualized treatment plans for scar revision and facial reconstruction. Dr. Ambro provides compassionate…

Natural Alternative To Fillers

16:19 1 November, 2016 Published by

If you are seeking a natural way to fill out sensitive areas of your face, but do not want to use chemicals or toxic fillers, a fat transfer may be the solution you are looking for. Fat Transfer is a natural way to add volume in the face, creating a…

Forever Young with BBL

22:29 11 June, 2015 Published by

If you wish to rejuvenate your complexion and attain skin that looks smoother, younger and fresher, a BBL (broadband light) photofacial may make the perfect choice for you. BBL photofacials are cutting-edge light-based treatments that are fully non-invasive. Not only do the procedures require less than an hour of a…

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