Thank you so much for resolving my cystic acne problem. I would never have thought I would have it as an adult! Your dermatology background worked wonders and within two months, my skin was clear. Thanks again! *Disclaimer: results may vary-Pamela

Thanks for advising me to start using Obagi. I love the feel and look from the microdermabrasion and now the Obagi keeps my skin looking great in between. *Disclaimer: results may vary-Jo Anne

"Over the years, as I’ve aged, I’ve been to a handful of plastic surgeons for various procedures on my face. Not anymore! None of them were ever able to deliver the precise, natural results you have given me. Often times, I found that doctors perform cookie-cutter techniques – the same method giving a similar “look” no matter who the patient is or what they want. You’re the only doctor I’ve met who takes significant time to ask me exactly what I wish to accomplish and how much down time I can afford to heal." *Disclaimer: results may vary-Terry, Baltimore

When I developed Bell’s Palsy, I was left with the physical disfigurement of the right side of my face, the emotional aspects that came with that and no where to turn. I was very impressed on my first visit to your office. You handled everything from my tears, to my fears and answered all my questions thoroughly and professionally. I am so pleased with the results - the improvements to my face have not only made a difference in my appearance, but have helped to improve my emotional well being. Looking and feeling better has helped me be a better wife, mother and friend. What you have done for me is priceless. *Disclaimer: results may vary.-Juliane, Grasonville

"After seeing other women who looked unnatural or unlike themselves after surgery, I had a lot of hesitation. However, Dr. Ambro eased my concerns by his warm, straightforward manner, direct responses to my many (and I do mean many) questions, and his acceptance of my doubts and concerns. I e-mailed him over a weekend and received not only a reply, but a prompt reply. He anticipated things I needed to know that I'd not even thought of. I took a leap of faith and am thrilled with the results. His skill as a surgeon, his manner as a doctor, and his genuine interest in helping his patients achieve the best results is why I'm recommending Dr. Ambro to you and others. Thank You." *Disclaimer: results may vary-Gloria, Linthicum

I trust you Dr. Chappell - you are the bomb!! Thank you is not enough. I love my arms and I am enjoying showing them off and loving shopping for new clothes. I have gotten so many accolades on how good I look and I will be back in the future. *Disclaimer: Results may vary-Mary

Dr. Chappell, thanks to your compassion, care and skill, I'm looking forward to life - thank you for making me feel like I was the only patient you had. *Disclaimer: results may vary-Tara

Dear Dr. Chappell, It is difficult to express what you have done for me. I should begin by telling you although I do not consider myself religious I do feel that I am a deeply spiritual person. When I began my search a few years ago for a plastic surgeon you were recommended by a friend. I visited three others before deciding on you. I was very impressed with your involvement at Anne Arundel medical center. I had heard of your work outside of elective plastic surgery field. After deciding to have a tummy tuck and breast lift you were the obvious choice. I trusted you, I felt as though you would take care of me and I would get the best results with you. My expectation was exceeded. I am completely satisfied. You are fabulous. Now for the spiritual side… I felt that you were put in my path. You needed to be my doctor so you could help my son. You have gone above and beyond in treating Ryan. I will be eternally grateful to you. Because of the trust I had in you I was able to get through these last five and a half months. Thank you so much for all of your care and professionalism during this time of recovery for Ryan. You are appreciated and respected more than I can say. I truly believe Ryan would not have gotten through this if I had not found you. Often we go through life and do not tell people that they make a difference. I won’t forget it. Thank you so much for everything! – Lisa *Disclaimer: results may vary-Lisa

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