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Anita R.

“I hope you take the time to read this as I am way overdue in writing a review. This review has 2 parts. Part 1 is myself, part 2 is my 15 year old daughter.I met Dr. Ambro just shy of 6 years ago. i had an Acoustic Neuroma removed by the ENT group that Dr. Ambro was a part of at the University of Maryland Medical Center.I was referred to Dr. Ambro for my facial paralysis. Right away he made me feel comfortable and confident in the treatment he recommended for my facial issues. Dr. Ambro surgically placed a gold weight in my eyelid to help close my eye in the hopes that my blink would return as well as look cosmetically symetric. Just to be clear, it worked. I also had other treatments of Botox to even things out as well. As a woman, wife, mother of 3, and a long time Hair Stylist, my appearance is very important to me. i grew up very confident with a high self esteem. the aftermath of my surgery and the paralysis was devistating. Dr Ambro gave me hope and reassurance as well as regaining my confidence back.Now for my daughter. Shes a sophomore this year in high school, she plays basketball, varsity softball, and manages the football team. She broke her nose when she was little. As she went through adolescence and the rest of her developed, well so did her nose. The bone pertruded to one side which created a deep curve down and hooked the septum. She became very self conscience about it, lowered her self esteem and confidence in everything she did, not to mention how cruel people can be. We talked about having it fixed but were not in a position to do so UNTIL we were up for new health insurance. I looked up Dr. Ambro because he is the only one I would trust this situation to. Let me tell you the lengths I went to. We orchestrated our entire insurance plan around Dr. Ambro because in my mind, there is no one else. We are now 6 weeks post Rhinoplasty and couldn”t be happier. Lets start with the fact that my daughter can breath normally. Dr Ambro did not sugar coat how bad her case was. He straightened the bone and rebuilt the cartilage along with her septum. Amazing work and the bottom line is there is no one else i trust more. we go back in November for her 3 month post-op. I”m sure he will post her before and afters. Enjoy as I am so happy to share in this success story.”

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