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“Dr. Ambro took a 69 year old woman and turned her into a 55 year old woman via one deep laser treatment. I spent my entire life baking in the sun with no sunscreen in Florida and on boats which caused deep wrinkles to form in my cheeks. I still work and was mortified to sit in meetings with younger people. I no longer feel old. My face now matches my mind set and body. I turned 70 a few months after the procedure was done but I know that no one would guess my age now as being 70. Dr. Ambro and his staff was a joy to work with through the entire process. They give you a bag with all of the stuff that you will need post -surgery so that part is taken care of. Afterwards, he gives you face creams that he picks out based on what you need. The recovery was remarkably free of pain and did not take that long. I stayed home from work for 8 work days mainly because your skin will peel for several days. While I did not look fabulous when I returned to work, it was doable. Dr. Ambro also gave me make up to use. I highly recommend Dr. Ambro and his practice if you are looking for deep laser to reverse the aging process.”

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