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Marla W.

“Talk about getting a load off my chest, it is now gone thanks to Dr. Chappell and his wonderful team. Being 4′ 10″ with a DDD to E cup as well the bras I needed to support my large breasts exasperated my back, shoulder and reflux issues. I was desperate for relief, and after consulting with 4 different plastic surgeons, I made a well informed and researched decision to go with Dr. Chappell. He understood from the start, that this was not about cosmetic appearances but about pain relief which I am already enjoying but he also gave me the most lovely, perky size B/C breasts I could of ever had hoped for. Because I am only 8 days out of surgery, there is still some expected swelling so we won’t know the final results for probably 2 more weeks to a month but they feel and look just fine to me now. The pressure on my shoulders from the bra straps is gone even though I’ve been in a bra 24/7 since surgery. I went into surgery with horrible back pain which raised my blood pressure, which, in turn, gave me a terrible headache all because I had to go off my prescription anti-inflammatory back meds a week before surgery. When I arrived for surgery, I was in such sorry shape that the concerned receptionist, wonderful pre-op/post-op nurse and vigilant anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted to reschedule. All I could think of was put that IV in me and put me out of my misery… and it worked. When I woke up, I was pain free and felt wonderful. I can honestly say I have not experienced anything close to pain since the surgery anywhere in my body, including of course my chest. At no time during the past week did I even come close to needing pain meds. Be advised I do have a high pain threshold. I received a call from Dr. Chappell later that afternoon to ask how I was doing and if I had any questions. During the first 4 days after surgery, when a question would arise, I would call the office and speak to one of the warm and caring front desk staff who would quickly check with the doctor and come back with a clear and concise response. I called numerous times with questions/concerns and did a number of pop-ins leading up to the surgerybut no one in that office ever made me feel like I was a bother. Communication is so important and Dr. Chappell and his team get an A+ for this, interpersonal skills, professionalism but above all, surgical knowledge, experience and expertise. I’ve got the breasts to prove it.”

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