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Regina A.

“For a long time, I have avoided asking my mirror… “mirror, mirror who is prettier than I?”. I was afraid of the answer. I absolutely had no self-confidence that my mirror was going to be able to identify any beauty on me. By age 46 I had the privilege to become a mother. Motherhood was a such blessing for my soul and a huge sacrifice for my body. My high risk pregnancy and a C-session made my belly look ugly and VERY undesirable. My face was full of wrinkles and looked 10 years older!

My stomach after pregnancy never looked flat and even after 2 years post pregnancy my belly had a similar size to what it was while I was pregnant. It affected my self esteem and made me depressed.

After 2 years of much struggle I had an appointment with DR James Edward Chapell. Then, he explained to me that I had Diastasis Recti which is the muscle separation of my abs. For this reason it had a hard time coming back together, it caused me a pooch in my stomach and it looked similar to a hernia. I absolutely hated my body! After Dr Chappell’s diagnosis I felt motivated to do the tummy tuck surgery and I also decided to see Dr Bryan Ambro to explore the possibility to have facelift surgery. I just felt confident and willing for the first time to treat myself as priority.

Now, one year later I see myself writing this evaluation because I want the world to know how happy I am with my decision. There is no regret. Dr Chapell and Dr Ambro have changed my life and they gave me back my self confidence and self esteem!

I am no longer afraid to have a conversation with my mirror! And, the best of it my mirror would never lie! I am 51 years old. Honestly, I look much younger now. I can confidently say that I am an attractive lady. And, I could not achieve this results without this great clinical team.

I want to motivate ALL ladies reading my testimony to invest in themselves. It was the best decision I had done in my whole life! Words can’t describe my gratitude to this great team: Dr Chapell, Dr. Ambro, Kim (permanent make-up specialist). All the staff at Annapolis Plastic Surgery are absolutely wonderful people there are amazing professionals. You will feel cared for all the way. When you make the choice to have them as your caring professional team, there is no way you can be disappointed. They have changed my life and gave back to my face a confident smile. I have been blessed and I wish you would also experience my blessings!”

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