Meet Vanessa Hill, Aesthetician

Vanessa is a licensed medical aesthetician who graduated from the Chesapeake School of Esthetics. She joins Annapolis Plastic Surgery with over six years of experience working in dermatology. She has a strong enthusiasm for helping each patient reach their skin goals through education, in-office treatments, and proper home care. Vanessa is passionate about delivering exceptional care and results for every patient.

Her dedication to providing outstanding care and results is evident in her professionalism and the personalized attention she provides in the treatment room. Vanessa’s passion for forming authentic connections with her patients is a testament to her commitment to their well-being, ensuring they feel confident and radiant throughout their entire skincare journey.

Vanessa resides in Annapolis with her husband and two daughters. Whether she’s kayaking, hiking, gardening, attending yoga classes, or exploring new culinary delights, Vanessa’s zest for life extends beyond her professional pursuits.