Breast Implants

If more shapely or youthful breasts are what you desire, consider a breast augmentation or breast surgery. It’s among the fastest, easiest, and most popular types of cosmetic surgery done today.

Ideal Candidates Are Patients Who

  • Are doing it for the right reasons (i.e., for themselves)
  • Have full breast development (over 18 years old)
  • Do not have breast disease

What to Expect: Breast Implant Surgery

Anesthesia will be administered for your comfort. Breast implants are then inserted through small, inconspicuous incisions. Today, we have four choices of incision site: along the areolar edge, the fold under the breast, in the armpit, or from the belly button. Dr. Chappell will work with you to choose which type of breast implant and surgery technique is best suited for your body.

Breast Implant Options

You’ll have more choices to make:

  • Smooth, round implants, textured bio dimensional or pear-shaped. During the consultation, we’ll go over this together and the placement of the implants.
  • Saline or silicone-filled (the “shell” is always silicone).
  • Placement: under or over the pectoralis major muscle
  • You’ll get the full range of choices and the solutions that suit you best.

Breast Lift with Implants 

The implants will not lift your breasts or change the nipple position. If droopy breasts or low-lying nipples are an issue, a breast lift can be performed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although breast surgery differs according to each women’s unique needs and which type of surgery she chooses, here are some frequently asked questions:

Is It Painful?

Your breasts will probably be sore for two or three days after the procedure. The pain is usually its worst within the first 48 hours but improves each day. We’ll give you pain medication if you’re sensitive to pain.

What Is the Recovery Period Like?

The gauze dressing will be removed after a couple of days to a week. You’ll wear a surgical bra for several weeks. Your stitches will then be removed about one week after the surgery (if there are any to remove). Your breasts will be bruised, and you may experience temporary numbness around the nipples, as well as random shooting pains. These conditions generally subside within several weeks.

How Long is the Downtime?

You need to limit your activities and movement to prevent breaking the stitches and stretching the scars for the first few days. Most women can return to work after two weeks (sometimes sooner). Avoid overhead lifting and strenuous movements for several weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Chappell in Annapolis for Breast Implants

Dr. James Chappell is one of the leading plastic surgeons for breast in the Annapolis area. He has extensive surgical experience with breast implants, providing you with natural-looking results.