Excess fatty deposits on the neck and chin are among the most common complaints shared by men and women. A double chin can make you look heavier than you actually are and weigh down your face, making it appear to droop or sag. One of the best solutions that facial plastic surgeons have to fix this problem is liposuction.

Dr. Bryan Ambro of Annapolis Plastic Surgery offers liposuction for the neck and chin. Neck and chin liposuction offer two advantages:

  • Removing unwanted fatty deposits
  • Tightening loose skin

The results of facial liposuction are improved definition in the chin, jawline, and neck for a more youthful appearance. Fat removed from the lipo procedure can also be used to restore volume to the upper face. Facial lipo is often combined with other cosmetic procedures such as a facelift, Kybella, dermal fillers, or laser skin resurfacing.

Neck & Chin Liposuction– What To Expect

Neck and chin liposuction is performed by Dr. Ambro in our outpatient treatment center at Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland. Dr. Ambro will use light, general anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed yet fully awake during your procedure.

First, Dr. Ambro will insert a tiny tube, called a cannula, under the skin in the chin area. A vacuum is used to suction the excess fatty deposits through the tube and out of the neck area. After the procedure, Dr. Ambro will wrap the neck and chin with compression garments. These will aid in the healing process and promote skin tightening.

Generally, the skin will tighten on its own after liposuction. In some cases, however, additional skin tightening treatments may be necessary. These might include a neck lift, lower facelift, or fractional skin resurfacing.

Before & After Photos

Kybella For Non-Surgical Tightening of Neck Skin

Until recently, liposuction was the only treatment option for eliminating a double chin. With advancements in technology, Kybella is now available as a non-surgical alternative for treating sagging chins in men and women. In just a few in-office treatments, Dr. Ambro can improve the aesthetics of your chin line, taking years off of your appearance.