Fat Transfer

Non-surgical fat transfer involves minimally invasive treatments that transplant live fat cells from an area of your body where you don’t want it, such as your tummy or hips, to an area where you do want it. Popular areas include the lips, facial lines, temples, breasts, hands, and even earlobes.

What to Expect

The procedure itself is simple and low risk, with no cutting, stitches, or scars. Your fat is removed from your donor area by micro-liposuction, gently prepared with a method that protects and concentrates stem cells, and then transplanted through an injection process.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Fat Transfer

  • Adds volume to skin that has lost elasticity
  • Smooths fine lines.
  • Fills deeper lines with a natural look
  • Creates a healthier, more youthful complexion

Why Choose Annapolis Plastic Surgery for Fat Transfer

If you are interested in Fat Transfer, Annapolis Plastic Surgery provides expert care. Schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate.

Great esthetician and skin care line..... he knows what he's doing with Botox and filler. I just miss the Severna Park location.
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