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Unhappy with a rhinoplasty procedure?

A rhinoplasty procedure can change the overall appearance of the face and offer a boost in confidence for patients who have felt embarrassed be a large, bumpy or otherwise unflattering nose. A prominent facial feature, the nose plays an important role in the symmetry of the face and a rhinoplasty procedure, when done well, can give patients the look they desire. If you have had a rhinoplasty procedure that did not deliver the results you desired, Annapolis facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ambro offers revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Ambro can correct the appearance or function of a previous rhinoplasty procedure, often in a “touch up” surgery that is less involved as the first one. This is often the case with cosmetic corrections to address an asymmetry or flaw that is the result of the previous surgery. With a touch up procedure there is typically very little down time or recovery period. If there is a functional issue that needs to be corrected with a revision rhinoplasty, such as a breathing problem, Dr. Ambro may have to perform a more involved surgical procedure that will have a recovery that is similar to the first one. Patients who choose to undergo rhinoplasty to correct a breathing problem will appreciate the long term health benefits of a good outcome: easier breathing and better night’s sleep.507651243 A revision rhinoplasty can be complicated if there are both cosmetic and functional issues that need to be addressed and choosing the right surgeon is important for a good outcome. Dr. Ambro has focused his experience and training on rhinoplasty and is a member of the University of Maryland/Shock Trauma Center Face Transplantation Team. He has an in depth understanding of the musculoskeletal structure of the face and has spent many years as an Assistant Professor and Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at University of Maryland Medial Center. If you been considering a “nose job” or have been unhappy with the functional or esthetic results of a previous rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ambro to discuss your options.