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Botox vs. Fillers– Which is right for you?

portrait of beautiful smiling young womanGone are the days of living with unwanted wrinkles or taking your chances with a less than natural looking facelift. Today we have access to a wide range of facial rejuvenation treatments to counteract mother nature’s doings. At Annapolis Facial Plastic Surgery we focus on helping people look and feel their best. And thanks to the latest fillers and injectables we can help you look younger naturally. Ready to turn back the hands of time but not sure which treatment is best for you? Here’s a breakdown of facial fillers and injectables used to rejuvenate the skin and diminish wrinkles: Botox: a cosmetic injectable that reduces muscle activity to smooth wrinkles. It is typically used for dynamic wrinkles or the lines between the brows. For most, its results last for 3 months. Juvederm: a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is used to treat static wrinkles or smile lines. Its effects can last up to 9 months. Restylane: also a hyaluronic acid facial filler and also used to treat moderate to severe folds in the mid face like Juvederm. It adds volume smooth wrinkles and is the first and only FDA-approved lip enhancement. Two treatments can last up to 18 months. Sculptra Aesthetic: a dermal filler that replaces lost collagen. It can treat static wrinkles and sunken cheeks, eyes or temples with long lasting results. When deciding which treatment is right for you take into consideration the location and severity of the wrinkles, your treatment goals, and your willingness to undergo follow-up treatments. At Annapolis Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ambro and his staff  will create a customized treatment plan for you which may include a combination of facial rejuvenation procedures. To learn more contact our office in Annapolis, MD and schedule a consultation.