female body in a gray sports bra and bottom

Get A Flat, Firm Tummy for Summer

Tummy TuckSpring is quickly approaching and that means it is time to show off that midriff. Bikinis and crop tops are about to replace your oversized sweaters and even if you have spent the winter eating well and exercising you may still have loose or wrinkled abdominal skin you can not loose on your own. Dr. James Chappell provides over 20 years of experience and knowledge of body contouring treatments at our Annapolis Facial Plastic Surgery. Many women who have enjoyed extreme weight loss or pregnancy experience a build up of excess skin that is resistant to diet and exercise. This skin needs to be removed in order to tighten the abdominal region. One way to tighten this area is with a skin-only tummy tuck. Ideal for women in their 30s and 40s at a healthy and stable weight, a skin-only tummy tuck can remove the embarrassing fat and extra skin. A skin-only tummy tuck will leave you with a firm and tight midriff you will feel confident showing off. Dr. Chappell also offers abdominal sculpting and body contouring trough advanced liposuction technology. Our experienced and qualified team can have you slipping into your favorite pair of low rise jeans in just a few months.

Benefits of Skin-Only Tummy Tuck

Though more invasive than laser skin tightening treatments, skin-only tummy tucks actually remove the excess skin for beautiful, firm and lasting natural looking results. Skin-Only tummy tucks offer patients many benefits over traditional tummy tucks.

  • Less invasive than a full tummy tuck.
  • Small, discreet incision
  • Ab muscles are not disrupted and are left intact
  • Removes fat and excess skin for lasting results
  • Many patients are able to preserve their belly button

Enjoy Beautiful Confidence

If you want to get back into your bikini this summer with confidence, contact our Annapolis Plastic Surgery office. Dr. Chappell can help you determine what body contouring treatment will provide you with the most natural and aesthetically pleasing results.