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Sculptra Aesthetics For Facial Rejuvenation

sculptra annapolis mdAs we age, we begin to lose bone structure and fat in the face which may leave the face looking tired and aged. Many patients turn to Botox and facial fillers to regain volume and rejuvenate their appearance. Although these options are effective treatments for many patients, the main complaint with these trusted procedures is their temporary effectiveness. For patients looking for more long-term benefits, Sculptra Aesthetic ® may be the treatment for you. Annapolis, MD facial plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Ambro provides Sculptra for natural and beautiful results.

Sculptra Aesthetic ® Annapolis Plastic Surgery

Sculptra is a synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA. This is the same material used in dissolvable stitches. The PLLA works deep beneath the skin to revitalize natural collagen production firming the skin and filling out the face. Sculptra works gradually offering natural and subtle changes in your face. Many patients enjoy the gradual results. Others may not notice that you had work done, they will just know you look refreshed and rejuvenated. Sculptra can take years off of your appearance and could last up to a year. After a comprehensive consultation, your Annapolis Plastic Surgery doctor will determine if Sculptra is the appropriate cosmetic treatment to create your desired results. Sculptra is administered over a series of about three sessions spanning several months. This method of application allows for gradual results that could extend up to two years. Your Sculptra treatment cost will be dependent on the amount needed to achieve your cosmetic goals. It is important to remember that Sculptra offers long-term results and is an investment in yourself.

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