female sitting by the water in blue bikini

Tummy Tuck Timeline: Getting Bikini Body Ready

With summer quickly approaching, it is time to start planning your bikini body. Because diet and exercise don’t always get the job done, a lot of people consider a tummy tuck – also known as an abdominoplasty – as an ideal supplement. This procedure can help with a variety of issues including the removal of excess skin, removing skin that has lost its elasticity, helping to improve C-section scarring, and improving the overall appearance of the lower abdomen. However, the decision to have this surgery can be a big decision, especially due to the recovery time. While recovery time varies for all people, here is a basic timeline of the procedure and the recovery time: 6 Months Pre-Op • Choose your board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Chappell is board certified in plastic surgery. It is important to do your research and chose the right doctor for you. Make sure to check all certifications, research online reviews, and make sure the area they serve works for your procedure and recovery. • Clean up your diet/lifestyle. It is important to eat healthily, minimize alcohol consumption, work on desired fitness goals, and eliminate smoking. By implementing these changes, it will help ease your recovery process and results. 3-4 Months Pre-Op • Book Your Surgery. You should begin having consultations, discussing health history and goals for the surgery. This will make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page. 1 Month Pre-Op • Complete your pre-surgery checklist. This includes buying necessary supplies to help you heal after surgery, freezing meals to make recovery easier, and following all steps your surgeon has provided you with before having the tummy tuck. 1 Day Post-Op • Rest, Rest, Rest! Follow guidelines that will be provided to you carefully to make sure you are getting adequate rest but also allowing yourself to move to prevent blood clots. • Wear an abdominal binder for the next six weeks to ensure everything heals correctly. 6 Weeks Post-Op • Start to implement light physical activity back into your routine. Four to six weeks is the recommended time frame before doing any real physical activity, but remember, everyone heals at different rates! The first six weeks following surgery is the most strenuous. Most of your major recovery will happen during this time and you will then be able to start acclimating back to your normal. Do not push yourself into anything that feels uncomfortable because it could result in a reopening of the incision and extend your healing time Now is the time to start planning for the summer and making changes in your day to day life. If you are interested in a tummy tuck in the Annapolis, MD area, Annapolis Plastic Surgery provides expert care. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Chappell to see if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck and to learn more about all of the options we provide.