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Fresh Face for the New Year

The new year lends itself to fresh beginnings, so why not schedule a facelift for a fresh beginning for your skin. Stop worrying about signs of aging or loose and sagging skin, instead, invest in something that will revive your natural beauty and offer a fresh start.

A facelift involves removing extra skin, repositioning muscle and tissue, and tightening up remaining skin to restore a more youthful look and contours.   Loose facial muscles may result in a tired-looking appearance and add years to your age.

By undergoing a facelift, these important muscles will be lifted and tightened. Facial contours can be covered by displaced facial tissue and excess skin.

Special techniques including liposuction can be used to improve your contours and define lines for a more youthful appearance.

Excess skin is inevitable, however, removing the extra skin can help to achieve a smooth and firm appearance. Your surgeon will do this by trimming away excess skin and repositioning important tissue to ensure a natural-looking final appearance and profile.

Allow your natural beauty to shine and make an investment in yourself. Call Annapolis Plastic Surgery today to schedule a fresh face for the new year.