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Why Winter is a Great Time to Get Plastic Surgery

Winter is a time of year meant for hibernation. In this chilly season, we like to make resolutions in which we focus on ourselves and think about what the future has to offer. It’s also the perfect time to get plastic surgery due to the excessive amount of time spent indoors avoiding the cold.

The spring is typically the most popular time for plastic surgery since people often want to make sure they’re ready for summer. This proves to be tricky as the recovery time varies depending on the procedure performed. Some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed during the winter months include liposuction, body contouring, breast augmentations, rhinoplasties, and brow lifts.

In having one or more of these procedures performed during the winter, the downtime for healing and staying indoors is reinforced by the chilly weather. This allows for any potential bruising or scarring to remain hidden under heavy clothing and blankets until fully healed once the warm summer weather rolls around.

Another factor to consider is that spending prolonged periods in the hot sun can potentially irritate the healing process. Sun exposure after plastic surgery can disturb how the incision heals, so it is advised to stay indoors to avoid the sun.

With the cold, overcast weather comes with winter, especially if you live in the Annapolis, Maryland area, there really is no better time of the year to stay inside and heal. Recovery from plastic surgery can range anywhere from one week to six months depending on the procedure. Fall and winter holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day are essentially built-in days off work and allow for longer weekends. Getting your surgery done during this period allows for you to minimize time off so you can save those days to use later on down the road. Many people who undergo plastic surgery elect the winter offseason so they can proudly flaunt their new bodies once summer comes around.

Going to the beach, being more active, and wearing more revealing clothing are common elements that inspire people to elect to have plastic surgery. By electing to have plastic surgery during the winter, you are choosing the perfect time of year to lay low and heal.

If you are considering plastic surgery before this summer, now is the perfect time to book a consultation. Contact Annapolis Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic surgeons.