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Miss Your Pre-Baby Body? A Mommy Makeover Will Fix That

Mommy MakeoverHaving children is a blessing, but the entire childbirth process leaves a mark on your body – literally. Diet and exercise are both great tools for getting your pre-pregnancy body back, of course, but some features cannot be corrected without surgery. This is why we offer the Mommy Makeover procedure to help you get your body and confidence back.

A Mommy Makeover is a procedure or combination of procedures that enhances and restores your body’s appearance. These procedures can be performed by themselves or in combination with one another and can include:

  • Breast Augmentation: This procedure uses implants to increase the size of your breasts. We offer a variety of breast implant materials that are best suited for your figure.
  • Breast Lift: After breastfeeding, your breasts may lose elasticity and begin to sag. A breast lift restores the youthful appearance of your breasts, making them perkier and firmer.
  • Liposuction: This service removes excess fat from underneath the skin with suction. It targets pesky areas like the abdomen, where it’s seemingly impossible to get rid of unwanted fat to create a slimmer appearance.
  • Tummy Tuck: A tummy tuck targets the loose, sagging skin and muscles of your abdomen to create a tighter, more youthful look.
  • CoolSculpting: As a non-surgical procedure, CoolSculpting uses fat-freezing technology to eliminate fat in tough areas of the body. This treatment takes just 30 minutes to complete – easy to fit into even the busiest schedule!

When it comes to healing, every body is different. Depending on what procedure(s) you have performed, recovery can take anywhere from zero to six weeks. We highly recommend reaching out to friends or family for assistance in caring for your children during this period.

Schedule Your Mommy Makeover with Dr. Chappell in Annapolis

Dr. Chappell works with you to understand the goals you have for your body and tailor your Mommy Makeover to your needs. If you are interested in restoring your body’s pre-pregnancy appearance, Annapolis Plastic Surgery is here to help you. Call our office to schedule a Mommy Makeover consultation with Dr. Chappell.