4 Facial Treatments to Freshen Up Your Face for Work

As businesses continue to split time between work from home and time in the office, it’s still important to keep up your appearance regardless of your professional setting. Skin issues continue to emerge due to maskne – acne that has suddenly appeared due to frequently wearing a mask, leaving your skin blemished and damaged.

If you want to continue to put your best face forward in the office, we offer an array of facial treatments that will clean your skin up.

DiamondGlow: This facial treatment uses next-level 3×1 technology to deeply clean and rejuvenates your skin. Using a diamond-infused wand, this treatment exfoliates, extracts debris, and infuses your skin with professional-grade Skin Medica Pro-Infusion serums. The result: clear, hydrated pores that allow your skin to “glow.”

BBL HERO: This non-invasive laser treatment uses intense pulsed light therapy to treat skin conditions like broken capillaries, rosacea, acne, age spots, and hair removal. Popular parts of the body for treatment include the face and other large sections, such as the chest, back, arms, and legs. The result: refreshed skin and a youthful appearance.

MOXI: This laser skin procedure rejuvenates rough skin texture and reduces the appearance of scars in just 15-30 minutes. This is often combined with other treatments such as BBL HERO.

Chemical Peel: These remove dead skin and permit new cells to take over, allowing your skin to create a natural, healthy appearance. Our team will help you determine which chemical peel is best suited for you based on your skin type.

Clear skin showcases your attention to detail, a subtle yet significant maneuver to impress colleagues, bosses, and potential new clients. Plus, your skin will appreciate the care and treatment too.

Annapolis Plastic Surgery offers these fantastic skin treatments to keep you looking fresh whether you’re in the office or meeting via Zoom.