Do you find yourself struggling with obstructed nasal breathing, snoring, or restless sleep? Annapolis Plastic Surgery can offer a solution- a septorhinoplasty!

Septorhinoplasty: Revive Your Breathing, Restore Your Confidence

Do you find yourself struggling with obstructed nasal breathing, snoring, or restless sleep?

It could be due to a deviated septum, an old nasal fracture, or collapsed nasal valves. These common structural problems can cause discomfort and affect your overall quality of life. But fear not, as a septorhinoplasty, can help correct these issues and improve your nasal breathing.

Before going under for this procedure it’s important to know what makes a septorhinoplasty different from rhinoplasty and how it can help alleviate other medical issues.

How is a Septorhinoplasty Different from a Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty, often referred to as a “nose job,” is a cosmetic procedure aimed at changing the appearance of the nose. On the other hand, a septoplasty is performed to restore and improve nasal breathing function overall. It focuses on correcting structural issues that may be causing breathing difficulties.

A septorhinoplasty is a combination of both procedures and is considered a restorative procedure rather than a cosmetic one. It aims to improve nasal function while also potentially addressing cosmetic refinements to achieve a nose that not only looks great but also breathes well.

Benefits of Septorhinoplasty

A septorhinoplasty can strongly benefit someone who needs:

  • Improved nasal breathing: This can correct structural issues that may be obstructing the nasal passages, allowing for easier and more comfortable breathing.
  • Restorative rather than cosmetic: Unlike rhinoplasty, which is primarily cosmetic, septorhinoplasty is considered a restorative procedure. It looks to improve nasal function and correct structural issues that may be affecting breathing.
  • Alleviation of other medical issues: A septorhinoplasty can also help with chronic nosebleeds, sinusitis, and other symptoms that may be affecting the entire circulatory system, leading to improved overall health and quality of life.
  • Enhanced self-confidence: This procedure can improve both the form and function of the nose and can enhance a patient’s self-confidence and self-esteem

Recovery After a Septorhinoplasty

After septorhinoplasty, you may have swelling, bruising, and mild pain around the nose and face. Cold compresses and head elevation can help reduce swelling. Breathing through the nose may be difficult initially due to swelling and packing, but it improves over time. Recovery usually takes 1-2 weeks to return to work and normal activities, with full healing taking several months.

If you’re struggling with obstructed nasal breathing, snoring, or other nasal issues, a septorhinoplasty conducted by Dr. Bryan Ambro at Annapolis Plastic Surgery could be the solution.

Dr. Ambro is a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon who can help improve your nasal function and overall quality of life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards breathing easier and looking your best.