A Guide to Hair Restoration with Annapolis Plastic Surgery’s Three-Tiered Approach

Hair restoration procedures have come a long way since they began in the 1960s. The early methods, such as Follicular Unit Transplant,  often resulted in lengthy recoveries and scarring.

However, technological advancements have revolutionized hair restoration, making it more accessible and practical. Annapolis Plastic Surgery is at the forefront, offering personalized plans and procedures to address various hair concerns.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the evolution of hair restoration and the groundbreaking three-tiered approach implemented here at Annapolis Plastic Surgery.

The Evolution of Hair Restoration:

The traditional FUT method, involving relocating a large portion of the scalp, is utilized less frequently due to the availability of more refined and efficient techniques. NeoGraft Hair Restoration, a cutting-edge procedure, ensures quick recovery and personalized treatment plans for a more youthful appearance. This solution caters to the diverse needs of individuals seeking hair restoration because it is more effective and less invasive.

Understanding Patterns of Hair Loss:

Men and women experience hair loss in distinct patterns. For men, it often begins along the frontal hairline, gradually receding and deepening along the temporal region. Women may experience diffuse hair loss or localized thinning in the frontal region.

Annapolis Plastic Surgery offers NeoGraft for both men and women, recognizing the differences between the two. This enables our team to tailor our approach to suit each patient’s unique needs.

The Three-Tiered Hair Loss Approach:

Our practice follows a comprehensive three-tiered hair loss approach designed to address various stages of hair loss.

Tier 1 – Prevent Hair Loss:

This tier focuses on early-stage hair loss symptoms, including changes in hair texture, increased hair loss during showering or brushing, and slight thinning. Noninvasive treatments are recommended to prevent further hair loss, providing individuals with easy-to-adapt solutions for their daily routines. Nurtafol is an example of a supplement that can be taken to prevent further hair loss, also available here at Annapolis Plastic Surgery.

Tier 2 – Restore Natural Hair:

Addressing symptoms such as limp and floppy hair, brittle strands, and active thinning, Tier 2 aims to re-energize hair follicles before they reach irreparable stages. While more intensive than Tier 1, this tier encourages healthier hair growth and nourished follicles. Treating Tier 2 hair loss involves addressing the problem at its source: the hair follicle. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are sometimes utilized at this tier to trigger healthy hair growth.

Tier 3 – Transplant Restoration:

This tier is suitable for individuals experiencing severe hair loss, patchy areas on the scalp, extreme thinning, or a receding hairline. Such hair loss must be treated with more than just a topical cream and calls for NeoGraft Hair Restoration!

Don’t fret, as hair loss is a common concern, and with the expertise of Annapolis Plastic Surgery, achieving hair restoration is within reach. Whether you’re in the early stages of hair loss or seeking advanced solutions, our three-tiered approach ensures a personalized and effective treatment plan. Take the first step towards a full and healthy head of hair by contacting Annapolis Plastic Surgery today!