Mastopexy: Breast Lift Surgery

The number of breast lift surgeries done in America increased by 96% between 2000 and 2006.

A mastopexy, better known as a breast lift, is best suited for women with sagging breasts. Dr. Chappell is one of the most skilled plastic surgeons in Annapolis and can perform this procedure to enhance the shape and appearance of your breasts. A breast lift will raise and reshape sagging breasts and nipples resting below the breast crease. We can also reduce the size of the areola.

They may have a genetic proclivity to downward-pointing nipples and limp breast tissue. Or they may be mothers whose breastfeeding years have robbed them of the shapely, taut breasts they had before childbearing. Naturally, they want to recover their real breasts post childbearing.

While a breast lift usually won’t interfere with breastfeeding, because pregnancies and nursing will re-stretch breasts it’s wise to postpone the procedure until you are finished having children.

Breast Lift Surgery Techniques

Breast lift techniques generally fall into two categories:

  • The concentric (or doughnut) mastopexy — for those with smaller and less droopy breasts.
  • Anchor-shaped mastopexy (more common). This involves more extensive cutting and removal of excess skin tissue and is necessary for people who have more extreme sagging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although breast surgery differs according to each person’s unique needs and which type of surgery she chooses, here are some frequently asked questions:

What Can I Expect After A Breast Lift? After the operation, you will notice an immediate and dramatic change in the shape of your breasts. Most are very pleased almost immediately following surgery. It may take up to a year for your breasts to settle into their new look and feel. Over time, your scars will fade but may remain red and bumpy for many months.

Is It Painful? Your breasts will probably be sore for two or three days. The pain is greatest within the first 48 hours but improves with each day. We’ll give you pain medication if you’re sensitive to pain.

What Is the Recovery Period Like? The gauze dressing will be removed in a couple of days to a week. You’ll wear a surgical bra for a few weeks. Your stitches will be removed about one week following the surgery (if there are any to remove). Your breasts will be bruised, and you may experience temporary numbness around the nipples, as well as random shooting pains. These conditions generally subside within several weeks.

What’s the Downtime? For the first few days, you need to limit your activities and movement to prevent breaking the stitches and stretching the scars. Most women can return to work after two weeks (sometimes sooner). Overhead lifting and strenuous movements should be avoided for several weeks.

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