Large, heavy breasts can cause constant back, neck, and shoulder pain. The primary reason women seek out breast reduction surgery is to reduce aches and enjoy a more active lifestyle. But the surgery also enhances appearance immensely, improving overall body image.

About Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery generally falls into two categories:

Traditional Breast Reduction (Anchor Incision)
The most common procedure involves making anchor-shaped incisions that circle the areola and extend downward, following the natural curve of the breast. Excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin are removed. The nipple and areola are then moved to their new position. Skin is shaped around the areola to give the breasts a new, uplifted contour.

In most cases, the nipples remain attached to their blood vessels and nerves. However, if the breasts are very large or hang loosely, the nipples and areolas may have to be completely removed and grafted into a higher position.

Periareolar Method
If you don’t have a large amount of excess of skin, we can use this technique. It has the advantage of hiding scars. However, it tends to flatten the breast shape to some degree.

In general, the more skin that’s cut, the more it is possible to shape the breast. Therefore, there is a trade-off between the extent of the scars and the extent of the shaping of the breast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although breast surgery differs according to each women’s unique needs and which type of surgery she chooses, here are some general guidelines:

Is It Painful? Your breasts will probably be sore for two or three days. The discomfort is greatest within the first 48 hours, but improves with each day. We’ll give you pain medication if you’re sensitive to pain.

What Is the Recovery Period Like? The gauze dressing will be removed after a couple of days to a week. You’ll wear a surgical bra for a few weeks. Your stitches will be removed about one week after the surgery (if there are any to remove). Your breasts will be bruised, and you may experience temporary numbness around the nipples, as well as random shooting pains. These conditions generally subside within several weeks.

What’s the Downtime? For the first few days, you need to limit your activities and movement to prevent breaking the stitches and stretching the scars. Most women can return to work after two weeks (sometimes sooner). Overhead lifting and strenuous movements should be avoided for several weeks.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Insurance coverage is sometimes available. Many factors will determine your eligibility, including the specific terms of your insurance policy and the amount of breast tissue to be removed. A letter of predetermination may be required by your insurance company prior to surgery.

Real Patients, Real Results

This testimonial comes from a patient who had a breast reduction surgery with Dr. James Chappell.

Dear Dr. Chappell,

I want to thank you for changing my life. I am so very happy with my breast reduction. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Yes, I was uncomfortable, anxious and apprehensive, but it was worth it. You and your staff were very supportive, kind and encouraging.

I am amazed that my incision are barely visible, after only twelve weeks.

I have to laugh when people say, “you look different, have you lost weight, cut your hair or changed your makeup?”. Thanks again for being the best surgeon a patient could ever want.

10 Best Things About Having Normal Size Breasts:

  1. No more backaches or shoulder pain
  2. No more raging rashes under your breasts
  3. Being able to buy a bra with two hooks and not eight
  4. Buying lingerie that is lovely and lacy
  5. Walking past people and not hitting them with your chest
  6. Reaching into the washing machine
  7. Going into a restaurant and sitting in a booth
  8. Buying an inexpensive bra at a discount store
  9. Wearing a really pretty sheer blouse or halter top dress without a bra
  10. Having your husband say “cute” when you walk by

Breast Reduction Before & After Photos

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