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Relieve Your Back Pain

Breast AugmentationMany women suffer from back and neck pain due to large, hanging or heavy breasts. Some women’s breasts hang very low, and cause stress on the shoulder and neck muscles. Very large breasts can limit a woman’s physical activity and make them feel self conscious or uncomfortable. There are even cases where women’s breasts are so large that their daily activities are limited making routine tasks difficult. Annapolis Plastic Surgery offers women breast reduction procedures that can help reduce pain, and improve a woman’s quality of life. Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Bryan Ambro and Dr. James Chappell offer years of experience and compassionate care to all of their patients.

Breast Reduction

There are a variety of methods for breast reduction surgery. The type of surgery needed will depend on the patient’s unique needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. Ambro and Dr. Chappel take the time to listen to and conduct a thorough and confidential examination with each patient. Depending on your body type and the aesthetics you wish to achieve, our plastic surgeons will help you build a treatment plan that will offer you lasting and beautiful results.

What Patients Are Saying: Breast Reductions Annapolis, MD

Patients who receive breast reduction are usually surprised and relieved by the results. Many patients experience an instant relief in stress on the shoulders, neck and back. Long term benefits include a reduction in rash outbreaks underneath the breast, conducting daily tasks without hinderance, and being able to fit into more clothing and lingerie options. Patients report increased confidence in their body image and many are able to live a more active lifestyle. Breast reduction surgery will cause some discomfort. Although downtime after surgery is about two weeks, the positive benefits can last a lifetime. Our caring plastic surgery team will be sure you are fully prepared and educated on proper recovery instructions.

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If you suffer from chronic pain due to large and heavy breasts, schedule a consultation at our Annapolis Plastic Surgery center. Our compassionate doctors and staff will help you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.