Prepare Your Summer Body

Winter is long, but summer is quickly approaching. Do you have areas of your body you want to see improvement in by the time bathing suit season rolls around? Annapolis Plastic Surgery is home to Dr. James Edward Chappel, a board-certified plastic surgeon with advanced training in breast implants and body contouring and sculpting. Whether you are looking to make subtle changes or want a full body makeover, Dr. Chappel can help you achieve your ideal results. With over 18 years of experience, Dr. Chapple knows how to tailor treatment to achieve natural, beautiful results.

What body contouring procedures do you offer?

Dr. Chappel offers surgical and non-surgical options for recontouring the lines of your silhouette. Dr. Chappel can help you choose the treatments that will yield your best results based on your cosmetic goals, overall health, recovery time-frame and budget. Whether you want to freeze away stubborn love handles or remove excess skin after drastic weight loss, Dr. Chappel and our team can help you achieve a beautiful contour. Annapolis Plastic Surgery Offers The Following Body Contouring Options:

Does Dr. Chappel offer natural breast enhancements?

Dr. Chappel is a leader in the cosmetic industry providing the latest in breast enhancement procedures.  Patients may choose to have a breast enhancement procedure, or combined a breast enhancement with a body contour treatment to improve their overall apperance. Dr. Chappel’s experience and training allow him to use breast implants to achieve the patients desired result. While some patients dream of a subtle increase in volume and firmness, others wish for much larger, fuller breasts. Dr. Chappel will work with patients on an individual basis to ensure that the desired effect is achieved. Annapolis Plastic Surgery Offers The Following Breast Enhancements: